Obaid Ullah Ahmad

Email: obaidullah.ahmad@utdallas.edu

Principal Investigator

Muhammad Usama Zubair

Email: MuhammadUsama.Zubair@utdallas.edu


Waseem Abbas​​

Office: ECSN 3.720
Email: waseem.abbas@utdallas.edu

PhD Students

Christopher Lee

Email: christopher.lee3@utdallas.edu

  • Leon Khalyavin - MS thesis, "Non-resilience of Resilience Distributed Consensus in Multiagent Systems." (Current position: PhD Student - Imperial College London)
  • Johir Suresh - MS thesis, "Distributed Design of Strong Structurally Controllable and Maximally Robust Networks."  (Current position: PhD Student - Clemson University)
  • Priyanshkumar Patel (Current position: R&D Engineer  - ProPetro)
  • Hita Gangineni  (Current position: Software Engineer - Cadence Design Systems)